Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tory attacks core of Scouting values

As an Englishman living in Wales I have always been amazed at the depths some on the fringes of Welsh politics will go to attack all things English. However this latest news that a Tory Councillor in Abergele is up in arms about the Scout movement holding a parade to celebrate their patron saint takes the biscuit.

Anyone who like me has been an active member of the Scouting movement would know that the saint chosen to represent the values of the association is shared with the Malta, Gozo, Beirut oh and England.

They would also know that the nearest Sunday to the 23rd is when most scout groups will hold a local parade and promise renewal service for many it is the only act of religious observance they have.

Now is a fit of what appears to be Welsh nationalism Cllr Sam Rowland is urging the association to change the focus of the event. The movement should he claims should do so because they don't march on St Davids Day.

How pathetic can you be. Far from attacking this celebration of honour and community involvement he ought to dig out a tent, pair of boots and get out with a local scout group and serve his community instead of using the organisation for a few cheap political points


Oliver said...

Hear, hear. There are few enough scouts as it is, without having someone kicking them when they're down and making needless attacks on a group which does a lot of good.

pete said...

Sam Rowlands is yet another coward and political parasite who will prostitute himself for popularity within his local community.
Young Welshmen,Englishmen, Scotsmen and Irishmen are losing their lives in HM Forces for the likes of this weak yellow livered individual.
Many of them would perhaps at sometime been cubs or scouts in years gone by.

Anonymous said...

As a Welsh nationalist I find this sort of behaviour disgusting and cheap. The Scouting movement has been established for years and does a lot of good for people it should not be used as a political football. Clr Rowlands is displaying political corectness gone mad in that it does nt do what I want it to do so they have to change attitude and embaressing the cause he claims to be backing by showing his small minded bigoted attitude. The true purpose of Welsh nationalism is to create a Welsh country not be condeming other countries intitutions that work for good in ours