Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The sound of breaking glass

"I love the sound of breaking glass, Especially when I'm lonely"

Right now the Nick Lowe classic would be a good candidate for top of Peter Hains ilike listings if his facebook profile had one.

Not content with putting the boot in to George Osbourne it now appears that 80 Tory MPs have been reported to the Electoral Commission for using unincoprorated associatiosn to channel their own campaign funds.Increasingly the moderate approach of Nick Clegg and Lembit Opik seems to be the best approach to this whole sad afair that is doing our political system no end of damage.

However perhaps the major casualty of this round of the funding arms race is the PPERA environment itself. Far from resolving political party funding all it seems to have done is create an avoidance system that a tax lawyer would have dreams over, and a watchdog who has no punishment options between a slap on the wrist and a costly referral to PC Plod and the CPS.

Hopefully once all the point scoring is over an sense prevails there might be a realisation that there can be no sacred cows for Labour or conservative parties and we will see some genuine reform of this corrupt system

So to finish where I started with Nick Lowe

"Oh, change of mind, sound of breaking glass
All around, sound of breaking glass
Nothing new, sound of breaking glass
Breaking glass, sound of breaking glass"

That glass house that is party funding seems once again to have alot of people throwing stones around hopefully there will still be a couple of panes of glass left.

And for those that don't know what I am taking about on the lyrics

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