Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Nick off to a safe start

Allthough technically based from home its rare that I am actually there so having the opportunity to see the leadership announcement and Nicks for PMQ is a bit if a shock to the system.

So how did it go?

Personally I thought rather well. Camerons digs about 4 leaders is not unexpected and the joke about Nick putting some distance between them by moving two seats down I think was helpful as it removed the option for Brown to comment on it in his reply. We then went into the Cameron/Brown knockabout that was pure theatre but set things up quite nicely for us to come across as responsible adults.

The choice of fuel poverty was an interesting one. This is a real bread and butter issue for many poor families and ones I suspect that if you dig deep enough are in the not regular voters category at one end of the scale and impoverished pensioner in the other.

While the latter got the full attention of Nick the former were the focus of the standard question from Steve Webb that came about five minutes later.

No knock out blows or stunning sound bite for the media but a lot for those of us on the ground to get our teeth into.

If the message that this sends out to people is that we are caring about poor families then it is one I look forward to hear more on in coming months

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