Friday, 12 February 2016

No Justice for Rural Wales

The decision by the Tory Government to close Brecon Courts means there is no prospect of justice for many rural Wales residents,

This means the many hearings will now take place in Merthyr Tydfil of which Brecon was already a satellite.  Merthyr is of course highly accessible. From Rhayader it is ONLY an hour an a quarter away by car. But what if you can't drive Travelline Cyrmu comes up with the solution.

To get to the bus station in the morning you need to leave Rhayader at 0645hrs. This gets you in by about 0945. On the way back the latest you can leave the bus station and get home the same day is 1515.

So just remember to hope the case before you is not delayed.

So what has our new Conservative MP got to say about this. Well, hmm, yes a look at his web site reveals, wait for it NOTHING. In all his debates, press releases and campaigns the courts don't appear once.

Of course some cases may end up closer to home in Llandrindod Wells but there is no guarantee for that at all.

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