Thursday, 14 May 2015

The 2015 General Election as a Play List

Looking back on a disappointing election I wondered how it could all look if put to the titles or lyrics of popular music so here goes with my GE2015 Play list

The campaign

The Leaders debate. Eurythmics - Sisters are doing it for themselves.

The Tory campaign. Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark.  

Lib Dem campaign. Steelers Wheel - Stuck in the middle with you

UKIP.  Steven Miller band. The joker

Polling day

Scottish results. Queen - Another one bites the dust. 

Alastair Carmichael MP. Elton John  - I'm still standing

The aftermath 

For everyone who voted against the Lib Dems because of the coalition and now have a Conservative MP.  Joni Mitchell - Big yellow taxi.  

Douglas Caswall MP. Police - So lonely, 

Plaid Cymru. Ultravox - All stood still.  

Scottish Labour. Capercaillie - Ravenscraig 

Conservative Government. Orange Juice - Rip it up or Rod Stewart - First cut is the deepest  

UKIP and short money. Show of hands - Ignorance, arrogance and greed

Lib Dems. Yazz - Only way is up

SNP Abba - The winner takes it all. 

Nick Clegg resignation. Denise williams and Johnny Mathis - Too much, too little too late  

Our future. Oysterband - Put out the  lights

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